Saturday, December 18, 2010

The Wonders of Technology

I am composing this post above the clouds. My Delta flight has WiFi! Soon they'll let us actually use cell-phones on these things.
Vacation log: Day two.
Day one was spent prepping for day two. Doing laundry, last minute packing, arranging a ride to the airport, and thanking my lucky stars that I'll be detached from my cellphone umbilical for a few days.
This will probably be the first and last log, depending on Internet access at the resort. Although my googling has revealed a potential WiFi hotspot at a nearby Starbucks. Internet AND caffeine. I may need to set up basecamp there. Grow a beard, drink hot chocolate (Mitch Hedberg reference... you would have had to be in the car on the way to dinner last night). It made Tina chuckle so I know it's funny.
There was a slight delay while the wings of the plane were being deiced. A moment of pity was granted to the poor sap in the boom-truck who was first up high, and then converted to the truck's bumper. A harrowing job, I'm sure. That should take the place of any corporate 'Trust' exercise. "Ok, Bob, you sit in front of the bumper while Mitch and Sally drive the truck."
Snow dunes look fantastic from up here.
We're sitting pretty close to the wing so the drone of the engines is filling my skull. However I refuse to complain... this is the most legroom I've had on ANY flight, barring that one time Allan and I got bumped to First Class. Not sure if it's a different plane or if it's because I'm technically in the exit row. Across the aisle is the steward kitchen with one of the exits. I'm sitting comfortably and I have a good two inches left for my knees. Bliss!
Note to self: Download and install Faststone while I can so that I can do any quick photo-edits to make any potential future uploads easier/quicker. 10+ megapixels are a bit excessive for a blog post.
So far so good. Only one minor thing forgotten, and we should be able to pick that up on site. Fingers crossed that that was it.
Ok, time to wrap this up. You may hear from me again, then again... maybe not until I'm back stateside. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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