Friday, October 23, 2009

Time to kill...

Good Morning!
Life seems to be oscillating between too little and too much free time. At first, my lack of posting was due to a lack of compelling subjects, or maybe introspection. Now I have more thoughts rattling around my little universe than I have time to express, or even follow to meaningful completion.
But today... today I purposefully woke up an hour before my usual time. I have a pretty relaxed morning routine, but this morning I have to be at work a little earlier than usual, and I'll be damned if I'll cut my coffee + webcomics/forums time short! But now I have enough time to author at least a placeholder. Rejoice!
Aaaaand I've just spent the last few minutes just staring at the blinking cursor, arguing with myself about where and how to start.
I'll start with work. Watching the minutes tick by I realize that opening this particular can of worms could leave this post, yet again, unfinished... we'll see what happens.

The only constant is change.
Big changes are coming at my workplace. While afloat on a sea of economic uncertainty and instability the state of Iowa has mandated a merger between two agencies. My reason for waking early is to meet up with some of my coworkers and carpool to a meeting to discuss the shape of the merged Tech Department. The result of this meeting will be a proposal to take before the Board of Directors and will spell out what my job will be in this new agency. IF I have a job. Our merger of two, already somewhat struggling, agencies coincides with budget cuts from the state of Iowa. 10% right off the top of our budget. While I am fairly confident that there will be a me-shaped spot in the new agency, nothing is certain. So I am employing my tried-and-true tactic of realistic optimism: Be aware of all the ways these changes could make my up-till-now comfortable job unpalatable, consider in depth the annoyances and frustrations that will arise enfolding multiple districts that have completely different approaches to tech and support, so that (and this is where the optimism part comes in ;) ) I can be pleasantly surprised when everything works out better than I had feared!
This approach seems to work for me. Then again I'm pretty sure that I have a lot of the 'crazy.' Over-analyzing is like a hobby for me. So I take a self-destructive trait, embrace it, take it one step further, and now I've got a semi-beneficial coping mechanism! Yay me!
Ok. Time's up.
I'll probably need to vent after this meeting, so feel free to expect something new here soonish!

Good Luck!

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