Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Happy Functional Friday!

I would apologize for the long delay between posts, but I am fairly certain that no one is reading these things.
Why 'Functional Friday?' My workplace is forcing me to take my remaining accumulated vacation time before July. They are really twisting my arm here! So in about three and a half hours I am done with work for this week. Yay!
The past week has been a bit of a blur.
I may pull some thoughts out of the hat a little bit later to enshrine upon this page, but for now just a quick Top 5.
1) Played through the good campaign on inFamous and have no desire to see what the evil version is like. The good/bad decisions seemed trite and contrived. At least the game was fun! Not going to replay it though, so I'm trading it back towards something new. I was kinda hoping for something with a little more meat on it, but it definitely served its purpose as a distraction.
2) I've participated in some online discussions over the assassination of Doctor Tiller. At the heart of these dialogs has been the topic of abortion. Not a fun topic by any stretch of the imagination, but one that does serve to trigger some moral introspection. I may expand on this idea in the future, but for the moment the short version is: Doctor Tiller's death can be attributed to the ignorance of those that decried his practice. Part of the discussions has been his family's decision to close his practice, and how some people consider this a betrayal of what Dr. Tiller lived and died for. Cowardice. I disagree. Doctor Tiller wasn't killed because of HIS beliefs. He was killed because of his assassin's beliefs.
3) Wow, I may not have time for all 5. Hmmm... Nope. It's probably best if I continue this later.

Off to deliver some computers and a meeting with administrators!

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