Monday, March 29, 2010

Speaking of excuses...

It's consumer whore time!
Like I needed an excuse, but I've decided on my gift to myself this year: A few months ago I jumped on a used camera deal. An old Canon EOS digital camera body with enough megapixels to be useful and not too many megapixels to be annoying. (seriously... who needs 10 megapixel images? The space program. That's who! heh At least that's how I rationalized spending money an a camera that doesn't do 10 megapixels.)
Attached to the camera was a sweet fixed focal length lens that takes awesome low-light images, but since the camera is not a full-image sensor (few older digital cameras are) the lens takes a pretty narrow perspective image and on closer shots it's hard to fit everything into the frame.
So a few weeks ago I tried buying a decent casual level lens used. It was listed in Very Good condition and came at a decent price for the feature list. New lenses of that type are hard to find and come at a great premium. (one of the downsides of going used is that the camera bodies and lens technology has been adapted to the fact that most digital cameras aren't full frame... making newer camera lenses cheaper since they can be made smaller than full-frame lenses.)
Longer story shorter: The seller was EXTREMELY generous listing that lens as Very Good condition. Okay or barely adequate would have been more honest. The pictures came out okay (after I spent a good half-hour cleaning the lens) but the auto-focus mechanism squeaked and squealed incessantly. So I returned it.
After some introspection and contemplation I've decided to try again. But this time I'm buying new, and adding some bells and whistles. I've just received the tracking number of my lens which includes integrated image stabilization (which should VASTLY improve low-light pictures), super-silent auto-focus motor, and a decent zoom range to add some versatility to my shots. And I'm paying almost twice as much as I paid for the camera kit in the first place. :D

Keeping my fingers crossed that this will be worth it!

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