Thursday, May 21, 2009

It's the little things...

the slight differences that make all the difference. After my experience yesterday I decided to pull up Excel and go through the same steps I did last night to fill in the parameter list for the Sumif function. In doing this I discovered that Excel also requires the logic statement parameter to be entered as a string, BUT there is a difference! Small things, but in this case they make all the difference. First, the text prompt for the Criteria field has this description: Criteria is the condition or criteria in the form of a number, expression, or text that defines which cells will be added. So, right there it gives me a clue as to my error and not just a vague error code. But even more definitive: If I enter a conditional statement in the box the Function Builder automatically puts the necessary quotes around it. The 'wizard' takes my valid logic statement and makes the necessary type change of my input so that the function can understand it. Like magic!
Speaking of little things,
I have an MSi Wind Netbook sitting next to me. My workplace is evaluting them for some of our employees so I get to play around with one for a while to see just how feasible it would be as a primary computer for some of our roaming staffers. As a fairly big guy I'm not sure how comfortable the smaller keyboard would be after prolonged use, but I've had a laptop as a primary system for the last 6 years. I'm sure it's just a matter of getting used to it. External keyboards are easy enough to connect for those times when you'll be hacking away at something for prolonged periods... such as this post! Right now I have to figure out why it cannot find our wireless.
Impressions will come once I've had time to play with it for a while.
Back to work you slacker...

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